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BarcelonaGlobalService offers several kind of services to foreigners interested to move to Barcelona for personal, professional or business reasons, being focused on either individuals or investors/companies.

We are 100% flexible and perfectly know how to help you to move the first steps in a new beautiful city, Barcelona, where you might be worried about how to deal with local bureaucracy, getting in touch with local providers, etc..


We will help you, from the beginning, to have all the bureaucracy and paperworks done for immigration, NIE, TIE, residence permit, relocation, setup your business/company, bank accounts opening, choosing the best service providers for you (IT, coworking spaces, Legal, Tax and Accounting, Child care, education, estate agencies, housekeeping and so on). CSP (Corporate Service Provider) and business consulting.

We will also take care for registering you in the Spanish Social Security, getting a working space for your start-up/business as well as a flat for you and your family and many other specific services according to your needs.

If for any reasons (Study, work, investments, business, health, family, etc..) you need to move to Barcelona we will be happy to listen at your needs and will provide you with the best solutions. Our consulting service is just 360 degrees oriented. We are here to help who just landed in Barcelona, or will do shortly.

We provide our services in English, Spanish and Italian.

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BarcelonaGlobalService – Francesco Nuzzi

Mobile: +34 622 32 53 30




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