European Health Model S1: Important document on health care in Spain for foreigners 

European Health Model S1 is an important document relating to the free movement of persons within the European Union (EU).

This is a real milestone in ensuring cross-border access to health care and  simplifying the management of health services for people moving within the EU.

In this article, we take a closer look at what the European Health Model S1 is, who it is aimed at, and how it can be applied and used in Europe.

What is the European Health Model S1?

The European Health Form S1 is a document issued by the competent authority of your country of residence; this form is essential for people  temporarily moving to another EU member state to ensure access to healthcare in their host country.

In other words, the S1 form acts as a  cross-border medical passport, allowing EU nationals to access health services in the Member State where they are temporarily staying, hereby if you live in an EU member state and have insurance in another country, the S1 form allows you (and/or your family) to register for health insurance.

Forms are  issued per individual (not per family): Form S1  must be requested from the insured health care facility; if you are entitled to an S1 form due to a change of residence, you must apply before leaving the country where you are insured.

Applying after moving may cause delays in registration in your new country of residence.

If you are eligible to apply for an S1 on behalf of a family member, you should do so as soon as you obtain insurance in another country.

The S1 form must be submitted to the Spanish health institution (INSS – Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social) and must be done without delay.

What does the S1 form cover?

If the insured  (and/or their family) resides in a country other than the country of insurance, the insured  (and/or their family) is entitled to all in-kind benefits (e.g., health care, medical care) have the right to receive Medical institutions in Spain receive their fees from the institutions you have insurance with (such as her ASL in Italy).

 S1 is also used for pensioners and their families who have retired abroad or relocated to another member state.

 This will allow him to register for medical insurance in Spain.

 S1 must be submitted to the Spanish Medical Facility (INSS – Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social).

 – Italian workers go to work in Spain.

 His wife and children, who are not working, remain in Italy.

 The competent Spanish Health Authority (INSS) issues her S1 and the employee’s wife submits it to the Italian Health Authority on behalf of herself and her child.

 The question of whether these families are entitled to treatment at the expense of  Spanish medical facilities must be decided on the basis of Italian law.

 – Employee transfers from Germany to Italy and remains insured in Germany.

 He wants to become a resident of Italy and enrol in health insurance.

 German healthcare provider issues his S1.

 The employee submits his S1 to his Italian healthcare provider and Italy takes over his health insurance.

 S1 also informs  health care providers in your country of residence whether you will receive cash benefits if you need care.

 This may affect your entitlements, as the value of  benefits in kind received in your country of residence or stay may be deducted from your cash benefits.

 This is to ensure that the country that issued the form (i.e. the country that pays all medical costs) does not pay twice.

Who can apply for Form S1?

The European Health Model S1 is primarily intended for those who are covered by a health insurance scheme in an EU Member State.

This coverage may come from various sources, such as national insurance, private insurance schemes or other forms of coverage recognised by the country of residence.

Eligible persons include frontier workers, pensioners receiving benefits from another EU country and their families.

The application for the European Health Model S1 is generally handled by the competent authorities of the country of residence.

Interested citizens must contact the body responsible for providing health benefits in their country and submit the application.

The application process may vary slightly from  country to country, but typically requires you to provide documentation proving your coverage and eligibility for medical care.

The purchase of a  European Health Model S1 entitles the owner to medical care in the country of temporary residence.

This includes access to outpatient services, inpatient treatment, and other necessary medical services.

The S1 form simplifies the process of obtaining medical care during a temporary stay and eliminates the need for complex bureaucratic procedures to access medical services in the host country.

 In Spain, the S1 model is also very expensive to require the issuance of a «Certificado de registro de ciudadano de la Union Europea» (Certificate of Registration of European Union Citizens), which is presented together with the documents proving ownership of a bank account that shows the minimum balance is set by the Ministerial Table and replaces the existence of  private health insurance.

In summary, the European Health Model S1 plays an important role in promoting cross-border healthcare within the European Union.

This document ensures easy and timely access to health care and promotes mobility and freedom of movement within the EU by allowing nationals to benefit from health services in the Member State where they are temporarily staying.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ITALIAN CITIZENS: We have noticed that the guidelines dictated by the Italian government regarding the issuance of the S1 document are not uniformly applied by every local health authority (ASL). In many cases confirmation of registration in the registry office of Italians abroad (AIRE) is requested, in other cases this is not required and the S1 form is issued even to those who are not retired or registered with AIRE. We advise you to check the requirements for issuing the S1 document at your ASL of reference

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  1. Hi there, I’m living in Valencia and still need to register in the health center and get a public health card as I don’t have a doctor yet…I’m german…can I do it with a S1 form? if so can you assist with it? many thanks

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